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Tutorial: Create and Edit Forms

This tutorial will help you create and edit forms
Angie Neal
Written 1 year ago

Step by step instructions on creating and editing forms

To follow this tutorial, you must first log into your website.

1. Add or edit a form

If your website is using the advanced form builder plugin, Gravity Forms, you’ll have a “Forms” option in the left navigation menu.
  • To add a new form, go to Forms > Add New.
  • To edit an existing form, go to Forms > Forms > then click on the name of the form that you want to edit.
If you don’t have the “Forms” menu option, this tutorial does not apply to you. However, you can still create forms on your website by editing any page then under the “Content Elements” tab at the top of the page builder canvas, drag and drop the “Contact Form” element into place, and click to edit the settings.

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2. Configure form fields

  • To add a new field, drag and drop the field type from the options on the right, to your preferred position on the form.
  • To edit any field settings, click on the field name. Here you can change the field label, set the field to optional or required, set default text/options, and more.
  • To delete any field, hover over it and click the “x” that appears at the top. You will be asked to confirm this step.

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4. Configure form settings

Every form has a variety of settings which can be accessed via Forms > Forms > hover over the form you want to configure > hover over the “Settings” text link (below the form name) > you will then have options to edit various types of settings, including:

  • Form settings: title, description, form layout, form buttons, save, restrictions and general form options.
  • Confirmations: Add, remove and edit confirmation messages displayed on screen when the form is submitted. For example, this may be a simple “thank you” message.
  • Notifications: Add, remove and edit notification emails including which fields are included in the email, who emails are sent to, subject lines, and more.
Depending on your website package or features, you may have additional options for working with mailing lists and other software.

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5. Display your form

Once your form is ready for use, you can add it to the website in multiple ways, such as:

  • Creating a new Widget Area and adding a “Form” widget to it. View instructions on adding Widget Areas.
  • Inserting a Text Block element into a page or post, clicking to edit the element, then clicking the “Add Form” button above the editor toolbar.
More information on embedding forms

6. View form entries

If you want to see all form submissions saved in the website, go to Forms > Entries > click on the relevant form name.

More information about entries
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