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Tutorial: Clone or Duplicate Pages

This tutorial will help you clone or duplicate pages
Angie Neal
Written 1 year ago

Step by step instructions on cloning or duplicating pages

To follow this tutorial, you must first log into your website.

1. Clone a page or post

If you’ve already created a page, or a post (blog/news article), and you want to use the same layout, design, or content on another page, you can make an exact copy of the page very quickly and easily.

First, go to either the “Pages” or “Posts” section in the left menu in WordPress, and then do the following:

Hover over the name of the page/post to reveal a set of links below it.
In those links, choose either:
“Clone”, which creates a copy of the page called “— Copy of [original page name]” and returns you to the list; or
“New Draft”, which does the same as “Clone”, but takes you straight in so you can edit the page.
You can then make your adjustments to the new page, just like any other.
Note: If you can’t see the “Clone” or “New Draft” options, we can set that up for you.

2. Clone an individual element

If you don’t need to clone an entire page, another option is to clone individual elements from a page. There are two ways to achieve that:

Edit the the page/post, hover over the element in question, and click the “Duplicate” button. This will place a copy of the element right after the original (including all settings, and any other elements within).
Edit the page/post, and follow these steps to save elements as a template. This will allow you to save a copy of the element (including all settings, and other elements within), and insert it into any page/post at any time.
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