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Tutorial: Add PDF's and Other Files or Download

This tutorial will help you with adding PDFs and other files for download
Angie Neal
Updated 1 year ago

Step by step instructions for adding PDFs and other files for download

To follow this tutorial, you must first log into your website

1. Edit The Page

Log into your website, then go to Pages > All Pages, and click on the name of the page you’d like to edit.

(If you’re wanting to insert the file into something other than a page, just go to the correct section in your WordPress site, such as Posts > All Posts.)

2. Choose The File

Click on the text block or element where you’d like to insert the link, then make sure you have clicked on the exact spot in the text that you’d like to insert the link into. For example, you may want to click at the end of your text block and press Enter to add a new paragraph, and insert the file there.
Click the Add Media button above the editor box.
Select the file (but do NOT insert it yet):
If you haven’t uploaded the file yet, click the Upload Files tab at the top of the window, and then the Select Files button. Browse your computer for the file you want to upload, and double-click it to start the upload. Once the upload has finished, you’ll be able to click on the file in the list to select it.
If you have already uploaded the file, just click on the file in the list to select it.

3. Insert The File

With the file selected, do the following, in the slim column of options on the right:

Click in the Title field, delete the existing text, and replace it with the text you want to display on the page, such as “Download the PDF”.
Look further down the column, in the Attachment Display Settings, and choose Media File in the “Link To” dropdown box. You may need to scroll down in this column to see this option.
Click Insert Into Page.

4. Save The Changes

If there is still an editor popup window open, confirm your changes there by clicking the “Save” button in the bottom right corner.

Now you need to save the page itself. In the top right corner, click the Publish or Update button, and you’re done.

On your website, navigate to the page or post you’ve just updated to test the new download link.
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