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Tutorial: Add and Edit Menus

This tutorial will help you add and edit menus
Angie Neal
Updated 1 year ago

Step by step instructions on adding and editing menus

To follow this tutorial, you must first log into your website.

1. Access Menus

You can create multiple menus and display them in various locations in your website. You will always have a main menu (the primary navigation that visitors will use to make their way around your site), but may also have a footer menu, secondary menu, and others.

To add or edit a menu and menu items on your website, go to Appearance > Menus.

2. Selecting or Adding a Menu

Towards the top of the page, select the menu you’d like to edit then click “Select“. For example, if you’re wanting to edit the main menu on the site, it will be named something like “Primary“, or “Main“.

Alternatively, you can create a whole new menu using the “New menu” button on the right, setting a name, then clicking the “Create menu” button. You will now be editing this menu.

3. Adding Menu Items

On the left of the menu page is a variety of menu link types including pages, posts, custom links and categories. More options may exist if you have an ecommerce website.

To add a menu item, you will need to select it by using the check box next to the pages, post or category and then clicking on the Add to menu button. If you are adding a custom link, you will need to set the url and the menu title.

4. Editing Menu Items

You can move menu items around by clicking and dragging them to their desired location. moving them a bit to the right and below another item will make it a sub menu item of the above menu item.

To further edit the menu it, click on the arrow on the right and all of the settings will drop down. You can select to Remove or Cancel your changes in this drop down box.

5. Extra Menu Items

Many possible menu items are hidden by default but if you want to add menu items that aren’t on the left, select screen options on the top right hand side and select the check boxes next to the items you want displayed under the boxes section.

6. Saving your Menu

When you are done adding/editing a menu, don’t forget to click the blue Save menu button on the far right of the menu name.

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